Agenda 2019, DAY ONE

Two days full of inspiring talks, intense networking and one unforgettable party.

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Start. Fail. Innovate & Kick ass!

Ali Mahlodji

Co-Founder, Chief Visionary & Chief Storyteller, WHATCHADO.COM European Youth Ambassador & EU Ambassador for the New Narrative

"Ali Mahlodji knows how to recognize opportunities and turn them into goals. He came to Europe as a refugee, grew up in a refugee home, was a stuttering school dropout and job hopper with over 40 jobs.
Nevertheless, he made it to the top management of a US company and decided after a burnout to give his life a meaning and has since dedicated himself to the world of youth. In his keynote he tells his personal story and gives insights into how to recognize the opportunities in setbacks and why the crisis is our best friend. Welcome all who would like to arrange the future, instead of waiting for the change."

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Look back to drive forward

Lauren Kelly

Founder & Design-Psychologist, BehaviourStudio

"We look forward to innovate, to future technology, markets and challenges of our emerging world. Innovation brings accelerated change. Futurists predict we will experience 20,000 years of progress in the course of the 21st century. How do we continue to design, ideate and innovate for a world unknown?
We need to look back to drive forward. Back to what makes us, us. To what makes us do what we do and why. We need to look to our brains. Unchanged for thousands of years, our brains are a reassuring constant in a fast-paced world. They are governed by a set of principles that unite us all. Principles that we can use to ideate behaviour-first in an approach called Behavioural Design. In this talk Lauren will demonstrate how to bring together behavioural principles to help you ideate forward."

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Pitch to win

Vesna Sodnik

Communication Skills and Public Speaking Trainer, Business Coach and Director at Beseda

"What to do when your winning creative idea or a strategy worthy of the Lion encounters a cold-blooded ""no""?
Excellent presentation skills are not a rare talent, but the skill that everyone can learn from knowledge of the psychology of communication, different ways of content creation, speech techniques and convincing non-verbal communication. An interactive workshop is designed for beginners as well as for seniors in pitching, as it will be full of practical tips and simple but extremely effective tricks of performance, communication and persuasion that turn each presentation into complete success. No more shrinking violets! Join the workshop, take Vesna's advice and turn into self-confident, interesting and persuasive speakers.

* The workshop will be in Slovene language without translation"

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Boom vs. Doom in the Digital Age

Ivan Ivanov

Marketing and Communications Manager CEEMCA, Discovery

"Welcome to Adland. Here we love the new dearly, and reject the old fiercely. We look at ourselves to conclude how the world looks. Our favorite words are “trend”, “disruption”, and “digital”. We are millennials or younger, and we are in love with brands. Did we mention we are complete fools?
In his talk, Ivan will give advice on how best to avoid the M-word, explain how apples compare to Godzillas, and argue one can still find love after being emotionally engaged with a brand."

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Networking&coffee break


”Lemon” – Addressing the Crisis in Creativity

Will Goodhand

Commercial Director, System1 Group

"Will will be sharing the analysis which in the publication Lemon forms the centrepiece of the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) Effectiveness work 2019. He assesses how certain changes in creative style align with falling advertising effectiveness. Referencing the brain and how it attends to the world, he’ll reveal how an attentional shift in the 21st Century – in business and society – has led to flatter, more abstract and devitalised work; an advertising style diametrically opposed to effectiveness…
Describing how the brain attends to art, sculpture and music, he will offer guidance on the type of advertising that moves and entertains audiences, and so achieves profitable growth."

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Power BI: Set up your own marketing dashboard

Rok Pirnat

Director at B2 BI

"Despite the big amounts of data, measuring marketing activities and its impact has never been easier! Sounds impossible? Imagine your own universal analytical tool that combines data from different sources, unifies it and displays the whole picture. All in the form of your preferred KPIs.
Rok will showcase how you can use BI - Business Intelligence tools to measure the success of your marketing campaigns, keep budgets under controll and monitor your activities. "

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Three lessons in creative effectiveness

Chiara Manco

Assistant Editor, Case Studies, WARC

What is more important, creativity or effectiveness? This year’s Cannes Creative Effectiveness winners demonstrate that brands can achieve both. Find out what lies behind award-winning work by Carrefour, P&G and Microsoft, through three lessons that will inspire you to produce creative work that impacts the bottom line.

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How design can(not) affect online sale

Saša Stanković

Digital Media Manager, Mmb Media Agentur

"In this workshop Saša will point out the most common design errors, so-called UX (user experience) of the e-commerce. All shortcommings in the online store design, especially the ones connected directly to the shopping cart can result in a reduced number of purchases and lower e-commerce revenues.
Saša has impressed SEMPL attendees many times before. We recommend all of you who never had the opportunity to learn from him, to bring a pencil and paper, as you will leave with tons of useful information."

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Coming soon…



Is Voice the new click?

Simon Dunlop

Co-Founder, Instreamatic London

As we all become comfortable talking with our devices what does this mean for brands and marketeers and the new ways they can connect with their customers in a voice enabled world.

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What Is Conversational Commerce & Why You Should Care

Tim de Boer

Business deveploment Director at LivePerson

Conversational commerce makes it easy for consumers to communicate with brands to ask questions, buy things, and get help using their preferred messaging service. Over 90% of people’s day-to-day conversations happen in messaging channels like SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp. The way people prefer to communicate with friends and family can also be used by brands as a sales and service channel. Tim will speak about the use of Artificial Intelligence to implement this new paradigm at scale.

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Mercatorjev odmor za kosilo


The Mindset Of Unlocking Future Opportunities

Jonathan MacDonald

Private Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author

Behind every success, a set of decisions have been made, that originally came from how someone thought about something. These thinking patterns determine how success operates, long before a product or service is launched in the market. In this talk, Jonathan will dive into the most effective mindset to have when maximising future opportunities, looking at the trends that are shaping the world around us, at an accelerating speed of change.

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The love affair of Content Marketing and SEO

Sabina Bevc

SEO and Content Marketing Manager at Red Orbit

"Hundreds of thousands of new content pieces, PR publications, descriptions and backlinks from different websites, media outlets, blogs and other sources are published every year. Dedicated marketing budgets are invested into content strategy, creation, promotion and outreach. And the majority of these activities is missing one crucial component – SEO.

In this quick deep dive Sabina will discuss the last mile, that is missing from most content pieces out there that fail to take into account best SEO practices, that would help both media outlets and publications as well as their clients who spend marketing budgets on PR to improve visibility of the content and it’s positive impact on organic rankings of everyone involved.

Journalists, copywriters, media managers, editors, PR departments, marketing and communication managers will learn how they can:
- write content that will be loved by Google and other search engines
- write content and structure links that will have the most benefit for clients who order it
- integrate SEO into the content planning and creation proces"

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What the heck is Native?

Isabel Becker

Customer Success Team Lead Europe & International at Zemanta, an Outbrain company

Simon Pekolj

Customer Success Manager at Zemanta, an Outbrain company

"Learn about all the benefits of including native into your digital strategy. Isabel and Simon will answer at least three of the most common native questions: ""How does it work?"", ""Why should I use it?"", ""How can brands benefit from it?"" and show you how to create a native campaign from scratch.
Expect real, hands-on-keyboard workshop and become a native know-it-all!"

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Success in the digital is an inside job: In-housing for competitive advantage

Alessandra Di Lorenzo

CEO, Forward,’s media company

"2020 and beyond looks set to be a tough year for marketers, facing the triple threat of reduced consumer confidence and spending, increasingly ambitious sales targets and tighter budgets. And, as the marketing landscape evolves and becomes more complex, CMOs are under increasing pressure to do more, with less – from spend, to transparency and data privacy.
For brands looking to reduce costs, take back control of core marketing activities and empower their teams to drive meaningful results, faster, could in-housing be the key to unlocking their future success?
Alessandra will shine a light on the “in-housing” trend that’s swept across the UK and USA, and showcase how online travel company successfully made this “digital leap” in order to future-proof the business – and has harnessed its expertise to launch its own consultancy arm, helping other businesses become more competitive and future-fit."

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How to rock experiences at scale

Maëva Le Roch

Director of media Europe, Mastercard

It is now well established that consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z, are experience seekers and the myriads of brand messages they are exposed to on a daily basis drastically dilutes their attention. Earning attention requires relevance to deliver better brand experiences. A consumer first approach is truly necessary to succeed. However passion-based and beautiful experiences for the few aren’t enough. With over 2 billion cards in force worldwide our business requires scale.

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The Secret to Growth in Digital Marketing

Stefan Carrington

Founder at Poplartree & eCommerce Revenue Growth Consultant at Electrolux

"How can you deliver growth for eCommerce or any type of website, every year? By implementing intelligent systems that can identify, explain and replicate growth success and initiatives. In this session, Stefan will reveal the framework which has and is still delivering revenue growth year after year for his clients.
If you're looking to grow any type of digital marketing metrics or simply your sales, this fresh approach will give you plenty of ideas that you can start using from today."

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Cocktail party Networking with a view and good music

Networking with a view and good music


Sempler awards show

Who will win the title for the best media strategy in 2019?


POP till you drop party Feat. Kurzschluss