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Mermaid as a symbol of harmony between form and content


Mermaid as a symbol of harmony  between form and content

The mermaid will seduce attendees of the 20th SEMPL; she is a pop cultural interpretation of mythological sirens who lured the sailors with their singing causing their ships to crash on the reefs.

In the last 20 years, SEMPL has always been focused not only on form but especially on content as it had to float to the surface in the sea of numerous established marketing events.

“For a great comprehensive experience the form and content should work together. We can easily be seduced by beautiful form but without right content a good first impression quickly fades away,” Futura DDB explained this year’s visual identity of SEMPL, and added: “Unlike mythology, you will never crash on the reefs at SEMPL.”

Shed Simove

Shed Simove

Motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur

"SEMPL was amazingly well organised... with a high attention to detail... The VIP attendees and Sempl Team were super bright and gorgeous... You had a food market!... You provided an amazing forum for people to network and gain insights and inspiration to make their lives and businesses better... Your after party rocked..."