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Descriptions of lectures

Panel: Media conclave - white smoke over the Balcan

After record year of 2008, the revenues of media companies in the region have significantly declined. Habits and needs of audiences are changing and media and communications industry has to respond effectively. The panel will review media revenues in the region in the period 2008-2012 and address adjustments and solutions, necessary for successful business performance in the future. 

A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.  

Aleksander Smigielski, Unilever Media Director CEE, Poland 

Unilever is one of the biggest advertisers in the world. Media director Aleksander Smigielski will talk about perfect partnership between advertiser and agency and between advertiser and media. He will explain how to get maximum experience and engagement out of your partnership and advertising strategies. What are the musts in mind of advertisers, how Unilever forms its strategies and what parts of the relationship must be upgraded in digital world that surrounds us.

The Good, the Bad and the Irrational – Understanding the Irrational Consumer  

Gerhard Fehr, CEO, Fehradvice, Switzerland 

Traditional marketing wisdom and economic theory can only systematically be applied if consumer preferences are stable and consistent, believing that individual taste is the main driver of consumption behavior. During a broad as well as deep scientific process, the field of Behavioral Economics has shown how we diverge from this paradigm.People are systematically subject to cognitive biases such as the availability bias, leading to readily available information taking precedence, or the sunk cost fallacy, where past decisions wrongly influence present decisions. Also, the vast majority of consumers have reference-dependent preferences, meaning that preferences are determined more by the context of the decision rather than individual taste. In addition, people display social preferences - such as for reciprocity, which plays a vital role in customer satisfaction and loyalty - or time preferences like instant gratification. Finally, deeply embedded social norms let us behave according to our identities and are a powerful force for influencing consumer behavior.

Crowdsourcing - use the power of the crowd 

Yannig Roth, PhD student, Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France Research Fellow, eYeka 

Producing video advertising content by traditional agencies can be a long and costly project, which is why creative crowdsourcing platforms are emerging as new content providers for brands and agencies alike. Crowdsourcing has evolved from an initial amateur focus to becoming an integral part of the advertising production process. Yannig Roth will describe the different models that are currently used by crowdsourcing platforms to create video content for brands, and discuss the transformations that the advertising industry undergoes with this shift towards openness. 

Lead and don't let die! 

Aleksandra Drecun, Director, Centre for the Promotion of Science, Serbia 

The leadership is changing in today's world, which is developing at an unprecedented pace, and it is even more challenging for those who think faster than the others and see beyond the majority. To understand the forthcoming societal trends and new technologies, we have to be able to get the signals and recognize the patterns that could yield insight about what’s to come. Therefore, the first question for the leaders of today is for how long they actually plan to lead (before they let die)? Do you know how the world will look like in a decade from now, or in 2030? Are you developing right competences in order to succeed? 

Creativity and media strategy - are we really 10 meters apart? 

Sašo Pešev, General Manager and Partner, New Moment New Ideas Company, Macedonia 

Does media value top creative ideas and concepts? How can clients and agencies benefit from "out of the box" creativity in a fast changing media environment? Titanium Lion Award Winner of Cannes Lions 2013 will present their excellent campaign "10 meters apart" and and agency's other creative works with a focus on media planning and buying. Mr. Pešev will also present his personal experience and worldwide industry feedback on receiving one of the 4 most prestigious awards in the world in 2013.  

Catch me if you can! 

Parag Bhandari, CEO, UG Strategies, USA 

Content and relevance are the keys to reaching today's youth. In today's competitive marketing space, the only way to effectively reach them is to speak to them on their terms and in their language. Achieving this is easier said than done, and there is no exact formula how to evokes a reaction that is personal. This presentation will be emphasizing the importance of content, and how content that relates on a personal level is vital to reaching this extremely elusive and distracted audience demographic. Mr. Bhandari will present case studies from his agency with clients including: Live Nation, 20th Century FOX Television, and ASICS/Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. 

Neuromarketing - How to detect consumers G-spot   

Kivilcim Kayabali, partner Salesbrain, Turkey 

Neuromarketing is an emerging field that bridges the study of consumer behavior with neuroscience. Neuromarketing aims to point out the hidden elements behind the consumer decision process. This presentation introduces you a new language to build and deliver messages that influence the true decision maker; the old brain or “Reptilian Brain” which is the most primitive part of our human brain. Although it controls the most complex of life sustaining functions such as breathing and heart rate, reptilian brain is remarkably simple in terms of what types of stimuli trigger its attention. Thus, it is essential to explore these stimuli for effective communication and persuasion.

Apps are the new viral. How to create one and gain from it.

Lea Stanković, Digital Creative Manager, Communis DDB, Belgrade, Serbia 

When decided to make an app, there should be clear goals and concrete business reasons behind it. Do you really know how to use them in harmony with other screens – tv, other mobile, tablet, laptop? In this presentation we will explore when it is smart to decide to have an app, how to make a smart one and what can we learn from people that do that for a living. All that served with tips how to make an app which will become your asset.

Monogamy is out. Long live polygamy. #socialTV 

Todd F. Brown, Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development, yap.TV, USA Founder and CEO, Consulcation, USA 

Facebook and Twitter has impacted the business models of content owners and freed emerging store fronts for aggregators without having to use the high price model of the past. Showcasing how consumer and celebrity brands that have global impact are creative via social media and manage to create deep connections with consumers 24 hr by 365. Mr. Brown will speak to social TV as a formula to integrate TV, Advertisers, and Social Media players audiences. The examination will highlight the business model of each player and share how they coexist.

Panel: We need partners not enemies

Big data, new technologies and a different perception of consumers have changed the awareness of the potential implementation of marketing and media research. But we still operate with a lot of researches that were made "once upon a time" when advertising was different. Too often the research houses are just "translating" the data instead of collecting them. Which researches in the region are not up to date? If you want to know who benefit from existing models, what are the businnes models behind all of them and what does market really need, join us!

Big data - illusion or opportunity 

Miha Vogelnik, partner, Valicon, Slovenia 

Few years ago there was CRM, today we have "Big Data" as one of the hottest buzzwords. Find out what exactly "Big Data" is and how different companies are using "Big Data" in the understanding of the consumer and communicating with him. Accept "Big Data" as an opportunity and learn how to take the first steps!  

Planning is for planners, we are media agency!

Ksenija Latković Kozarac, managing director OMD, Croatia 

As media landscape and consumers are changing rapidly, the role of media agency is no longer focused on media planning and providing optimal media strategy. Advertisers need professionals who will help them in driving tangible results and become “business allies”, by focusing not only on selection and usage of media channels, but on efficiently detecting potential consumers and brand storytelling. So, what we see as a major change is a shift away from media planning towards »business planning«. Find out, which models of strategic communication are emerging in one of the world’s leading media agency and what will be the added value of a media agency in the future.

MythBusters - what do men and women really want? 

Victoria Davies, Distribution & Commercial Development Director for South-East Europe, Discovery Networks CEEMEA 

What does it take to make a modern woman happy? How are men affected by the changing roles in society today? These are only a few of the questions this presentation will attempt to answer, based on two of the most complex research studies conducted in Europe this year and presented for the first time in Slovenia. Last but not least, how can we use this information to better respond to consumer needs?  

Panel: Look who's talking 

When we are monitoring major shifts in how successful brands are engaging 
and involving its users, customers, followers, how themselves are becoming 
media and how media are in search for their future relevance, the map of 
actors and their roles in media landscape changes significantly. How is this
 further influenced by new technologies, emerging advertising possibilities
 and changed consumer, that is becoming a (co)creator of the stories and 
content through social networks? How the media and agencies navigate in a 
world where it is necessary to do "custom made" solutions, where creating
 the story becomes obligatory? Who is taking the leading role? And finally,
 how to evaluate these new forms of advertising in comparison with the
"traditional" one - within commercial breaks, on posters, in magazines? How 
can advertiser really know what it gains from either? 

Mirror mirror on the web... 

Caroline Skipsey, CEO, Igniyte, UK 

Are you proactive about gaining real and positive reviews online? Do you know how to use Google removal tools, social media monitoring tools and how current Google & Bing algorithms work? Caroline will give you useful advice on how to optimize your digital assets and how important your online reputation is for your businnes, sales and brand value.

Make morning news your 12 o'clock coversation 

dr. Ivana Uspenski, media professional and winner of a bronze Cannes Lion 2013, Germany

The most successful campaigns of our days are all about content / stories (e.g. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign), and the way this content gets spread is sometimes through brand newsrooms. Basically, brand newsrooms are real media/news channels/redactions. Just imagine: live tweeting an inspiring ad-copy with the world record the athlete you endorse has just achieved just minutes after he/she has achieved it. It would be an instant success, but in order to make it happen the cooperation model between companies and agencies would need to change. Are we ready for that?

Nonconformity pays. 

Maria Mountaner, Digital Trade Manager, Desigual, Spain 

Fresh and new, edgy and different are the guidelines of Desigual's advertising. We rarely see their ads obeying the rules of fashion brand advertising, where beauty shots are a must. They are replacing lower advertising budgets with creativity and are successfully walking alongside the big fashion brands with smaller investments. Maria Mountaner will reveal you how they decide about their advertising strategies, about the media split and which communication channels prove to be successful today and which will become important in near by future and why.