Agenda 2019, Day Two

Two days full of inspiring talks, intense networking and one unforgettable party.

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Europa Hall

Deep dive stage

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Planet Audio 2025 – Audio use of the Future

Charlotte Hager

Founder and Owner, Comrecon Brand Navigation Institute

A qualitative study by the comrecon brand navigation Institute shows the audio usage in 2025 with amazing insight from the user's point of view. The study draws the findings in the form of a map of the audio usage, explaining how people emotionally relate to audio sources and subsequently use them. Charlotte will present us to a map and reveal how audio will affect our lives and our work in the future.

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Power breakfast session: How to empower an Innovative Culture

Greg Satell

Innovation and Transformation Advisor

Most people's idea of a great innovator looks a lot like Steve Jobs. Mercurial and difficult, constantly spouting out a seemingly endless supply of ideas. That may have worked for the famous Apple founder, but it hardly ever works for anyone else. In fact, it is often the hot-shots that stop innovation in it's tracks. Great innovators are not knowledge holders, but knowledge brokers. They build superior networks of information and insight through generosity and a collaborative style. This program introduces the Innovation Pulse, a self assessment tool fashioned after the Apgar test, that was developed in partnership with Proteus International and will help every team up its innovation game.

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You’ve got the best fuel for our marketing tools

Momchil Elenkov

Telco & B2B Partnership Director, Rakuten Viber

What’s the best fuel to fire up your digital marketing engine? How to achieve higher awareness and engagement rates? Which are the right channels to use and is content important? Are you being efficient and environmentally friendly? The Viber B2B expert are about to provide some answers.

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Silence in the Age of Noise

Erling Kagge

explorer, enterpreneur, author and publisher

"When I can't leave, sail, or climb out of the world, I've learned to turn it off," says Erling Kagge, who is the first person to reach all three peaks of the world on foot: the North and South poles, and Mount Everest. On his way to Antarctica, where he went completely alone, without radio or telephone, he experienced silence. For fifty days, he did not meet any living creature. In addition to pushing the boundaries of the possible, he is also the entrepreneur, writer, and publisher. Erling and Vesna Milek will together discover the world of silence, which is becoming one of the greatest assets in the world of noise and discuss publishing in the world of the AI and digital-first.

About moderator: Vesna Milek is one of the most acclaimed Slovenian journalists, known especially for her in-depth interviews for the largest national daily Delo.

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Mobile-first creative approach on Instagram

Eva Škedelj

Head of Facebook Slovenia, Httpool

Instagram is a mobile-first platform that is killing the competition in driving ad revenues, outpacing Facebook, Google and Twitter for instance. The copy, graphics, and videos in your Instagram ads should always cater to mobile audiences. This means your landing or sales page and any other post-click experiences associated with your Instagram ads should be fully optimized for mobile. Anything less than a stellar user experience when it comes to the look, load time, and functionality will negatively affect your campaign performance. Come and learn the tricks on how creating eye-catching creative for various industries in order to get the attention you deserve.

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The secrets of the voice or how it impacts on your media messages

Emma Rodero

PhD, Researcher and University Professor and Director, Media Psychology Lab

The goal of this talk is to explain the role and influence of different types of voice and styles of narration in media messages. The presentation will be based on the results of different studies in which we measured the listener's physiological response (heart rate, skin conductance, emotional response...) while listening to audio stories and ads using different types of voices and narration styles.

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Marketing with Attitude presents : The 10 influencer commandments

Matt Thorne

Co-Founder at Reboxed

How to build an influencer strategy that earns attention. This workshop looks at the 10 rules to follow and how to use influencers as a key part of your marketing strategy. The session explores how to do this properly to drive the right results for your brand or business and how marketing with influencers works better than influencer marketing.

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Networking & coffee break


How to burn out and take life in your own hands*

Aljoša Bagola

Creative Director, Pristop

Join us for the premiere launch of Aljoša Bagola’s book - undoubtedly the biggest celebrity among creatives and the best creative among celebrities. Maša Pavoković will talk to him about what he wrote down in his debut and how it all relates to the challenges in his career. The journalistic-creative duo promises a humorous and inspiring talk that is not to be missed.

* The talk will be held in Slovene language without translation.

About moderator: Maša Pavoković is a young radio and TV host, journalist, music manager and communication strategist.

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Fake News in Marketing

Iztok Sila

Founder at Sila Consulting

What is the truth? Who is the truth defined by? Especially today when people reading news are more superficial, when everything we want has to be quick, instant. Without knowing the background. Because maybe we are not interested enough. Using two examples - an unwanted mistake and a planned, strategic persuasion, Iztok will illustrate how easy is to manipulate the consumer and showcase that fake news (in marketing) isn’t something new.

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Demystifying Digital Influence

Claudia Cameron

Head of Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA)

Influencer marketing expert, Claudia Cameron, takes us on a deep dive of the industry - looking at where we are today, future trend forecasting and thought-provoking topics that will help you maximise your influencer marketing campaigns. Expect an interesting and inspiring session where you'll learn about industry challenges, best practices, and get practical insights with clear takeaways.

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AI Impact: 7 tips for enjoyable drive time

Goranka Jednak Maksimović

Head of Radio Production Unit RTV Vojvodina, Audio Content Consultant

Emma Rodero

PhD, Researcher and University Professor and Director, Media Psychology Lab

Charlotte Hager

Founder and Owner, Comrecon Brand Navigation Institute

Simon Dunlop

Co-Founder, Instreamatic London

According the projections at the end of 2020 - nine of ten new cars will be connected to the Internet. This implicates disruptive change of our driving habits and expectations of our car. With the mass use of autonomous vehicles there is open space for different UX driven by artificial intelligence. How the car stopped being a Faraday cage for commercials, what are we doing in the car while we drive, stand in a traffic line or wait at the red light, can we turn the drive time into a creative part of the day and why the sound creates indelible images? Find out the answers at this session with three blondes and the Brit.

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TikTok and the Gen Z revolution

Maira Genovese

Founder & CEO at MG Empower

Maira will discuss the advent of the hugely popular social platform, TikTok, it’s revolutionary approach to social media, the generational shift that is happening across social media and how brands can and must activate campaigns on TikTok.

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What do we expect from the diggital ad of the future?

Damjan Planinc

Director and Partner, Get Interactive

The fact is that we all know about existing technologies, tools and possibilities of persuading users on the web, and very rarely do we take full advantage of them because we do not think about them in the initial, creative phase. This is why we often see properly targeted ads, which are annoying for the users and don't deliver the results for the brands. We all know what happens next: adblockers and / or negative brand perception. So what does the ad that attracts and impresses a web user look like? A survey conducted by Mediana for Get Interactive will reveal the key components of a modern digital ad that will draw advertisers and users closer together rather than apart? Damjan will explain how digital messages can be better personalized, experiential and contextual; all in a user-friendly way. And why it is necessary to think about all this already in the creative phase!

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How to Integrate Traditional and Online Media

Samuel Scott

Marketing Speaker and Columnist for The Drum

Samuel argues that we are seeing the tyranny of online direct response and short-termism, both of which are hurting our long-term advertising effectiveness. He will then use his latest research to show that we need to get out of our bubble. We need to think our approach to media planning today by integrating traditional and online channels as well as long-term and short-term strategies in the most effective ways.

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20 minutes to Bulletproof Content Strategy for Instant Messaging

Aleksandra Đermanović

CEO, Mediacor

You’re already aware of the potential that instant messaging apps might bring to your brand’s digital factor x, but you don’t actually know where (and how!) to start. Yes, IM marketing is a tiny bit different than the rest of social media so take a first step and join the workshop where we’ll talk - in depth - on what works and what doesn’t. Dive into how our team crafted a winning content experience on messaging app that provided value to the audience and also scored amazing results.

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Lunch break


Brand vs. Bland

Vikki Ross

Copy Chief

Brands are talking more than ever. Online, on social, on air, on billboards, on trains, planes and automobiles – the list goes… well… on. With so many brands around and so many places to communicate with the consumer, now has never been a better time to make sure your brand’s voice is heard.

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Sustainable Growth for European eCommerce

Stefan Carrington

Founder at Poplartree & eCommerce Revenue Growth Consultant at Electrolux

In this session, we will deep dive into the proven growth systems I implemented to get Electrolux' European online shops to grow year after year. The focus is on the exciting trends, processes, optimisation and how these are implemented for pan-European websites in order to generate sustainable growth. It will be a packed session explaining how you can identify, explain and replicate growth success and initiatives. These are not just a few growth hacks but they provide a complete framework which you can use to manage your digital marketing, analytics, CRO and UX improvements. This growth framework has been enormously successful for my clients' European eCommerce and it is now possible to replicate it for almost any other eCommerce business.

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How to Compete in a New Era of Innovation

Greg Satell

Innovation and Transformation Advisor

For the past few decades, innovation has been driven by the digital revolution, which has rewarded fast and agile organizations. Those that could iterate and adapt on the fly to bring new applications to market could disrupt markets and outmaneuver larger, more established firms. Yet today we are entering a new era of innovation which will be very different from what we have known. As digital technology hits theoretical limits, new computing architectures, such as quantum and neuromorphic computing, are emerging. Nascent technologies in areas like genomics, materials science and artificial intelligence will shift the focus from "moving fast and breaking things" to widening and deepening connections to customers, partners, vendors and open resources. In fact, this shift has already begun and the ability to collaborate is increasingly becoming a key competitive advantage. Today's foremost innovation experts, Greg Satell, explains how to navigate this new era we are about to embark on with compelling stories and detailed accounts from the front lines. If you expect to still be in business ten years from now, this is one keynote you won't want to miss!

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Marketing with Attitude

Phil Kemish

Co-founder Reboxed, award-winning marketer and keynote speaker

In today’s world, your customers are your most valuable marketing asset, their attitudes, beliefs, and values need to align with your brand story, it’s no longer about adverts - it’s about human advocacy. Marketers everywhere are all asking the same question - how do we win the hearts and minds of our customers? Marketing with Attitude is a philosophy that separates brands that earn attention from those who get forgotten. In the session we explore the changing beliefs and attitudes held by today’s generation towards advertising and the new 4P’s of social marketing. These principles will make you rethink your strategy and understand the new rules on connecting and influencing consumers on a deeper human level.

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