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More than 30 speakers from 11 countries at SEMPL


More than 30 speakers from 11 countries at SEMPL

Representatives of the largest media companies in the world will also take part at the SEMPL Media Trends Conference in Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia, among them International Sales Director at The Washington Post, Reseller Partner CEE at Facebook, and Business Development Director CIS & CEE at Viber. Two days, two stages, more than 30 speakers from 11 countries, more than 1,200 media and communications professionals from the Adriatic region – all these at the jubilee, the 20th SEMPL, on the 29th and 30th of November 2018.

Be prepared for the “Day After Tomorrow”

Digital has gone from being ‘nice’ to being ‘nasty’, business models have changed overnight, and the “Day After Tomorrow” comes faster than ever before. How companies can prepare for the “Day After Tomorrow” and re-organize to be faster, more agile and more responsive, Peter Hinssen, serial entrepreneur, consultant and key speaker at SEMPL, will talk about.
Jurgen Appelo, serial entrepreneur and founder of Agility Scales from the Netherlands, will advise how to start up a company and try not to it screw up, while Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, will talk about the new breed of marketing executives that such companies need.
Lon Safko, serial innovator, inventor, and creator of the “First Computer To Save A Human Life” as coined by Steve Jobs, will also prepare the attendees for the future. He will present his concept of Fusion Marketing, unique combination of traditional and digital tools.
The renowned British media expert Dean Donaldson, co-founder of Kaleidoko, will shed light on the future of media in the world of rapid technological development and artificial intelligence, while Robert Čoban, the owner and director of Color Press Group from Serbia, will highlight the position of media in the Adriatic region.

How to win a battle for attention

Emma Winchurch-Beale, International Sales Director at The Washington Post and President of the World Media Group (WMG), bets on quality journalism. The latest research from WMG shows that media can definitely benefit from creating quality content and advertisers from paying more to appear within a credible journalistic environment.
Andrea Malgara, Managing Partner of MediaPuls Group from Germany, and David Bassett, Director of Analytics at Lumen Research UK, will share some data on the users’ attention on various communication platforms, as in today’s world as much as 80% of advertising messages are ignored. Malgara will focus on the effectiveness of video formats, and Bassett will show which media and ads are the most effective according to eye tracking studies.

Only brands, companies and individuals who adapt are going to survive

Rustam Ziganshin, Reseller Partner CEE at Facebook, and Atanas Raykov, Head of Global Telecom Partnerships and Director of Business Development at Viber, will offer an insight into creative possibilities that both companies deliver to advertisers and communicators.
The US brand expert David Brier believes that only brands which communicate directly to people will survive, while Dennis Yuscavitch, VP of Global Product Marketing at Outbrain, USA, thinks that the period of intrusive advertising is over.
There is no great sales without excellent marketing, which is why SEMPL includes the sales topic for the first time. The provocative Wes Schaeffer with a nickname The Sales Whisperer® will share some tactics to seal every sales deal.

13 “deep-dive” seminars and workshops on the second stage

The attendees of SEMPL will be able to listen to content on two stages within two days. On the smaller, the “deep dive” stage, they will have the opportunity to learn more about different topics in digital and traditional communication. In addition to some of the key speakers who will additionally upgrade their presentations from the large stage with extensive workshops, numerous experts from the region will talk about web analytics, metrics and optimisation of advertising, influencer marketing, happiness at work, professional speaking skills, and the “serious game” LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

David Brier

David Brier

Brand expert, designer, bestselling author, USA

“The SEMPL Conference and the SEMPL team are world class. Professional, helpful, driven and tireless, they put on an event that was top shelf and very well received, empowering the professionals in their region that was an inspiration. The care given to each of us as speakers was attentive and of service. I put the SEMPL Conference at the head of the class for event organizers and coordinators."