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Urban Cvek

Co-founder & CEO, Influee, Slovenia

Urban Cvek

About Urban

Urban Cvek swapped his running shoes for the digital world five years ago. He started studying computer science. Shortly after, he wanted to solve the problem of navigating shopping centers and shops, and co-founded the start-up Shopster where he took the role of technical director. During this time, he perfected his technical knowledge. Half a year ago, he decided to use his knowledge of networks and machine learning to solve the problem of collaboration between businesses and social media influencers. He co-founded the start-up Influee, a platform for influencer marketing, where he assumed the role of CEO. Due to the use of algorithms for network analysis, the platform offers not only collaboration with influencers as other platforms do, but also a detailed analysis of the profile of the influencers and the measurement of the actual effect of each influencer.

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Emerald Hall, 29.11.2018 at 13:00-13:20

Interested in influencers? Here’s what you need to know

There are two main reasons influencer marketing doesn’t work. 1. You don’t know the demography of influencer’s audience; 2. You don’t know the authenticity of their followers.

In this workshop we’ll show you how effective platforms can help you select best influencers for your target audience, and how to collaborate with influencers at scale - all supported with reliable data, case studies and results from our markets. You will come away with a list of mistakes to avoid, an understanding of how metrics and data should be used to spend your budget wisely and a plan you can put into action as soon as you’re back in the office.

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