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Vera Lloyd-Thomas

CEO, Kreativa New Formula, Serbia

Vera Lloyd-Thomas

About Vera

Vera Llyod-Thomas is planner and creative strategist behind high performance brands and campaigns in Serbia and region, such as Societe Generale, Volkswagen, Knjaz Miloš and Tempo Delhaize. For 19 years she was the owner of a truly independent agency/consultancy called Kreativa New Formula. Afterwards she sold the majority part to Alkemy Digital Enabler, leader in digital marketing and transformation business in the South Europe. Vera has always been interested in science behind and in front of marketing.

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Emerald Hall, 29.11.2018 at 11:00-11:30

There are no “Big Data”. There are organised and not organised data

Many marketers rely on old fashioned data forgetting which data really matters and what it really means. They are going for some funny metrics such as likes and fans. Rather than reading into them, they give them too much importance.

Vera will answer the questions which data matters, which data fuels insightful decision making, how to organize and use offline and online streams of data, and how to stream your marketing investments more effectively. All that with insights and examples from real clients and cutting edge tools.

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