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Ahti Leväaho

Chief Marketing Officer, Smartcart, Finland

Ahti Leväaho

About Ahti

Labelled since early 90’s with the nickname Levis, Ahti Leväaho has been decribed as a ’fearless executive’ with Nordic and international management experience from advertising, media, ICT, retail business, digital marketing and transformation. His passion is to combine operational decision making tenaciously with execution and verifying immediate business and marketing results. Often described as dynamic, entrepreneurial and result driven team player, he has 25+ years of experience in business. Prior to his current position, Levis has worked as Deputy MD of Ogilvy Finland, CEO of Mobilemode, MD of Metro, Suomi24 and URHOtv, Deputy CEO of Canal Digital Finland and Sales Group Director of Kärkimedia. He holds a master's degree in international marketing and business management from Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. During leisure time Levis can be found sailing, motorcycling and skiing in different parts of the world. As father of 9 year old Eemil boy, his home town is the vibrant city of Helsinki, Finland.

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Europa Hall, 30.11.2018 at 12:30-13:00

Making the Digital Connection in the Era of Flux

Whether you call it the Information Age, the Digital Age or the Era of Flux, there is one defining characteristic that comes up again and again: chaos. What if chaos, volatility and unpredictability don't need to be “dealt with » but are actually the avenue to opportunity and success?

One of the greatest opportunities to meet changing customer expectations lies in physical stores. Stores are becoming more and more relevant in our technology-enabled age, but only when retailers and advertisers succeed in making a relevant and instantly gratifying digital connection with their consumers.

Anna and Ahti will take you to an in-depth journey of changes in consumer behaviour in a digitalised shop environment.

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