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Sanja Lalević-Cvetković

Head of Digital, Direct Media Serbia, Serbia

Sanja Lalević-Cvetković

About Sanja

Sanja Lalević-Cvetković has had a presence in the regional digital world since its inception and is one of the few people in Serbia who have successfully worked in all known fields of digital marketing. In professional circles she is considered a pillar of digital marketing because she built her reputation in the leading media system from the founding of the sector. She was selected as the best lecturer of the AcademIAA 2017 program and is the president of the IAB Serbia Assembly.

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Emerald Hall, 30.11.2018 at 10:10-10:40

Direct(ly) Digital

Digital without gloves. Truth, lies, misconceptions. An open discussion and debate about tools, numbers, creativity... About what works in the world of digital communication, and what not, what is allowed, and what not and why. The Direct Media Workshop provides a practical insight into the basic communication skills and knowledge that have to be taken into consideration when starting a digital campaign and what to do when you step into the world of the digital in order for the other party to really “hear you”.

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