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Dino Zupančič

CEO and partner at Agencija 101, Slovenia

Dino Zupančič

About Dino

Dino Zupančič is one of the few Slovene marketing experts with a professional background in electrical engineering. Already during his studies, he attracted the attention of the profession with working on a high-profile projects within student organizations, such as running the largest student event in Slovenia, the legendary Škisova Tržnica. In 2008, he co-founded Agencija 101, which has gained the status of one of the fastest growing young independent Slovenian agencies. As a director and strategic team leader, he managed the strategies for numerous domestic and foreign clients - major companies include Pivovarna Laško Union, Glaxosmithkline, Studio Moderna and Porsche Slovenia. Today he is responsible for strategic development and achievement of business goals as a CEO. He is a positive realist who believes that people are by far the largest and most important capital of a company. He believes in teamwork synergies based on values such as loyalty, professionalism, reliability, innovation and proactiveness. It is one of the key reasons that the Agency is currently one of the most desirable working environments in the Slovene territory. In recent years, the agency has received numerous awards at domestic (SOF, Sempl, Diggit, Sporto, Websi, Effie) and international festivals (Clio Awards, European Excellence Awards, Balcannes, SomoBorac, and Cannes Lions finalist). For the first time ever, they also won this year’s Agency of the year title at SOF.

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