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Ajda Gaberc

Blogger Just Ajda, Slovenia

Ajda Gaberc

About Ajda

Ajda has been writing her blog for over 5 years. She started out because of her love for nail polishes and turned that love into a blog that has grown into a large community. It includes both beauty and travel, fashion and personal topics. During this time, rise of Instagram happened and Ajda enjoys creating also on this platform where her community grows very fast. Her desire from the beginning is to be genuine and sincere, so she does not use filters, her photos are minimally photoshopped and most of the time she poses without makeup. She is trained data analyst, which helps her grow on social media.   

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Dvorana Emerald, 28.11.2019 at 13:10-13:30

World without likes

The world of digital marketing is anxiously monitoring big players' attempts to remove likes from posts on social networks. Are you curious about why these experiments take place at all and what lies behind one of the biggest revolutions in the digital world? Zoran Savin, Director of IAB Slovenia will talk with his guests about how we can prepare for the upcoming revolution and what may change in the following years.

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