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Uroš Goričan

Creative Director, ArnoldVuga+, Slovenia

Uroš Goričan

About Uroš

Uroš Goričan has over 15 years of experiences in marketing, branding and content production. Having previously worked as copywriter and later creative director for Pristop, Publicis Group, Saatchi&Saatchi and LUNA/TBWA he is now currently executive creative director at ArnoldVuga+. He is also screenwriter and producer for TV, web and mobile content and has experience in media industry where he was working as programming director for mobile and web portals for Telekom Slovenia. He combines his professional experiences from both fields for his research work in branded content as well as for strategic and creative implementations. He is author of the thesis “Brands as Storytellers - how can storytelling help brands create content” at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and is currently researching and developing different content formats for brands.

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Dvorana Europa, 28.11.2019 at 09:00-09:20

How do Brands Become Part of Our Culture*

Both brands and culture are shaped by stories. But the way brands tell stories to impact culture has changed significantly over the past years. It used to be that companies would develop their story and push it on to the market. They operated as though they were in complete control. Today, consumers no longer want to be told what their culture looks like, nor what stories define it. They want to take part in that development and tell their own version of the story. Valerija Prevolšek, president of SEMPL and Managing director of Media Pool, will open the 21st edition of SEMPL by talking to Lea Stanković, Uroš Goričan and Branimir Brkljać about how traditional brands cope with this new reality and how will they impact our world and culture in the future.

*The talk will be in Slovene and Serbian language without translation.

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