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Ali Mahlodji

Co-Founder, Chief Visionary & Chief Storyteller, WHATCHADO.COM European Youth Ambassador & EU Ambassador for the New Narrative, Austria

Ali Mahlodji

About Ali

Ali Mahlodji was born in Tehran in 1981. When he was two, his family fled to Austria. Ali dropped out of school at the age of 18, but finished university years later with a degree in IT. Today he is in his mid-thirties, looking back on a succession of more than 40 jobs – from being a construction worker to pharmacist’s assistant to management consultant. He is a multiple award-winning co-founder of an internationally acclaimed start up called WHATCHADO. It is an online video platform, which functions as a "manual" for life stories and jobs. In his daily work, Ali also consults Executives on leadership. He furthermore lectures at universities. His passion is to start new ventures and help people find their calling. In 2013, the European Union appointed Ali Youth Ambassador for life. In 2015 he was awarded European Ambassador for the New Narrative. He has been commissioned HR Excellence Award Winner, European Digital Communication Award Winner, UN World Summit Award Winner, XING New Work Award Winner 2017. Ali Mahlodji has also been asked to be Advisor for the ‘Aware and Active’ programme by Erasmus+ in 2017. In June this year he has been thanked for his continuing work and input in the fields of Education at the European Parliament.

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Dvorana Europa, 28.11.2019 at 09:30-10:15

Start. Fail. Innovate & Kick ass!

Ali Mahlodji knows how to recognize opportunities and turn them into goals. He came to Europe as a refugee, grew up in a refugee home, was a stuttering school dropout and job hopper with over 40 jobs. Nevertheless, he made it to the top management of a US company and decided after a burnout to give his life a meaning and has since dedicated himself to the world of youth. In his keynote he tells his personal story and gives insights into how to recognize the opportunities in setbacks and why the crisis is our best friend. Welcome all who would like to arrange the future, instead of waiting for the change.

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