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Andrej Pompe

Partner and strategist, Brand Business School, Formitas skupina d.o.o., Slovenia

Andrej Pompe

About Andrej

Dr. Andrej Pompe is a communicologist and entrepreneur, lecturer and writer, artist and author. His works can be found in the fields of creative thinking, marketing, strategic brand management and strategical tourism development, as well as the fields of writing and fine arts. He also produced an extensive musical opus. A multidisciplinary and broad mode of thinking enable him to connect different worlds to new dimensions, different ideas into new concepts, different views into new horizons. He incorporates his creativity into all facets of his life, and uses his scientific work to demonstrate the importance of vertical and horizontal modes of thinking.

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Dvorana Emerald, 20.10.2023 at 11:30-12:00

Storytelling or rather Telling Stories

“There once lived a financier, who used to tell his 4-year-old son a bedtime story about profit. The son could never fall asleep and kept asking why...” You can imagine how the story continues, but the beginning of the story certainly piques your attention and reveals many elements that good storytelling requires. I will touch on the point of the story and the telling of it, emphasise the importance of emotional conversation and tell another story or two.

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