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Chiara Manco

Assistant Editor, Case Studies, WARC, UK

Chiara Manco

About Chiara

Chiara helps to organise and populate WARC’s CaseFinder, a database of more than 16,000 advertising effectiveness case studies, a tool that helps advertisers and agencies develop their understanding of what an effective campaign looks like. She plays an integral role in WARC’s own case study competitions which include the WARC Media Awards and the WARC Awards, as well as regional strategy prizes in the Middle East and Asia. She deals with senior advertisers and agencies, moderating judging sessions for WARC and helping to put together monthly case study reports which analyse winning work and pull out trends and themes. She also works with WARC’s case study content partners – the world’s leading advertising trade associations such as the IPA and awards shows such as Cannes and Effies. Chiara was awarded a merit when she took the IPA Foundation Certificate in 2018 and has a firm grasp of the industry’s most creative and effective work, regularly reporting on breaking campaigns and industry events. Born in Milan, Chiara moved to London to pursue her undergraduate studies, and has a degree in Comparative Literature from King’s College London.

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Dvorana Europa, 28.11.2019 at 12:00-12:20

Three lessons in creative effectiveness

What is more important, creativity or effectiveness? This year’s Cannes Creative Effectiveness winners demonstrate that brands can achieve both. Find out what lies behind award-winning work by Carrefour, P&G and Microsoft, through three lessons that will inspire you to produce creative work that impacts the bottom line.

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