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Dalibor Šumiga

Behavioral Marketing Specialist & Speaker, Google Growth Engine Ambassador (Adriatics), Founder of Promosapiens, Croatia

Dalibor Šumiga

About Dalibor

Dalibor Šumiga is a behavioral marketing specialist, Google Growth Engine ambassador for the Adria region and founder and director of the business design agency Promosapiens. Dalibor is also a regular lecturer at regional and international conferences: Shopper Brain (Netherlands), Dubai Lynx (UAE), Euroshop (Germany), Family Thinking Conference (BIH), MEKST (Serbia), HOW Festival (Croatia), Influencer Marketing Summit (Serbia), Leap Summit (Croatia) and many others. His lectures with practical examples of behavioral marketing are regularly among the best-rated lectures by the audience, and he is a frequent guest on podcasts in the region. Podcasts in which Dalibor is a guest are regularly among the most listened to episodes on social media.

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Dvorana Europa, 19.10.2023 at 15:30-15:50

From brand managers to brain managers

Decades of scientific research with unquestionable evidence about shopper behavior and human irrationality have been published. Yet, chasing the artistic purity of our marketing campaigns, we very often forget that all shoppers are humans first - they chase security, while marketers chase novelty. In a thought-provoking lecture about the brain, brand power and the state of modern advertising, you'll have a chance to get the latest insight about your number one client - the shopper.

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