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Ivan Ivanov

Marketing and Communications Manager CEEMCA, Discovery, Bulgaria

Ivan Ivanov

About Ivan

Ivan Ivanov is Regional Marketing Manager and Digital Lead for Discovery in Central and Eastern Europe, Mediterranean and Central Asia (CEEMCA), a regional devision of Discovery, Inc. In his role, Ivan is responsible for shaping marketing and communication strategy of Discovery in the region, as well as overseeing activities on all digital, online and social platforms employed by the company, covering a multitude of payTV brands including Discovery Channel, Eurosport, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel and others. Prior to starting his career at Discovery, Ivan has held procurement and brand management positions in the FMCG sector. Outside work, he plays bass and does a bit of acting. Ivan is passionate about millennials and believes that every good marketeer should ignore them.

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Dvorana Europa, 28.11.2019 at 10:50-11:10

Boom vs. Doom in the Digital Age

Welcome to Adland. Here we love the new dearly, and reject the old fiercely. We look at ourselves to conclude how the world looks. Our favorite words are “trend”, “disruption”, and “digital”. We are millennials or younger, and we are in love with brands. Did we mention we are complete fools? In his talk, Ivan will give advice on how best to avoid the M-word, explain how apples compare to Godzillas, and argue one can still find love after being emotionally engaged with a brand.

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