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Jože Sambt

Full Professor, School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jože Sambt

About Jože

Jože Sambt holds a PhD in economics. He teaches Introductory Statistics, Research Methods and Techniques, Demography and Economic Statistics. His research interests include relations between generations, demography, the impact of demographic changes on the long-term sustainability of public finances and labour economics. His list of publications includes numerous peer-reviewed articles in journals and monographs of the highest quality, including one in the world’s top scientific journal “Science”. During his career, he has been a leader or member of numerous national and international research projects on intergenerational transfer, (microsimulation) pension models, the long-term sustainability of public finances, etc. He is the leader of the Slovenian team in the international research project National Transfer Accounts. He works with a wide range of national and international organisations.

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Dvorana Europa, 19.10.2023 at 16:35-16:55

The structure of media audiences is radically changing

Slovenia’s population is ageing rapidly and this process is set to continue intensively over the next three decades. Even in the next decade, the size and structure of the target audience will change dramatically, with generations born at a time of extremely low birth rates entering the 18–49 age group. The demographic projections are very reliable as they are mainly determined by the existing age structure of the population, which is a given.

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