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Matej Marinko

Managing Director and Executive Producer, Bright, Slovenia

Matej Marinko

About Matej

Matej Marinko is the founder, managing director, and executive producer of the production company Bright. He pursues his mission and vision through innovative stories he creates for global and local brands. While creating, he always seeks to synthesize visual appeal, creativity, and emotionality in his work, building a bridge of trust between the client's vision and the Bright team. This is expressed in the strong relationships he creates with all partners of the projects. Another important segment of Matej's work is the development of young talents. This year, the short film "Edi", which he produced with director Jan Vrhovnik, won the Gold Award at Cannes in the YDA/"Young Directors Award" category. He has selflessly focused his more than ten years of experience and knowledge on inspiring young people and finding innovative and trendy pproaches in the fields of video, film, photography, and animation.

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Dvorana Emerald, 19.10.2023 at 14:40-15:10

How does your brand dress or what is its visual DNA?

Imagine a naked human body. That's our brand identity - the figure is the logo, the facial features are the typography, and the skin and eye colour are the basic colour palette. Could you imagine you want to create a deeper relationship with this person? Hardly. The overall graphic image does not define the personality and character of a brand, only its stature and origin. But to create long-term relationships with customers, you need to consider the style and character your brand expresses through its photo and video content. A unified and consistent visual presence increases brand awareness, maintains long-term customer relationships, and expresses your company's vision and values.

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