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Matt Thorne

Co-Founder at Reboxed, UK

Matt Thorne

About Matt

Matt’s an award-winning marketer, creator and entrepreneur on a mission to help re-design the world, by building brands and businesses that impact cultures. Matt a multifaceted entrepreneur, with brand and design at his core he’s been consistently at the cutting edge, pioneering and implementing new ways to build and market brands and earn attention. He’s successfully built, grown and exited three successful companies from leading marketing agency Disrupt, media platform GRM Daily which has amassed over 2 Billion YouTube views and entertainment brands such as The Rated Awards. Now you’ll find him fronting Brandtrepreneur®, his weekly podcast and platform where he talks to the biggest brand builders and founders that are impacting the world, to uncover their stories and actionable tips while documenting his next start-up venture Reboxed. “Through working across global brand clients, start-ups and building audiences that influence culture, I’ve believe that a mission to create value and impact others is what drives the attention of today’s successful brands, that’s what Brandtreprenur is about”. – Matt Thorne

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Dvorana Emerald, 29.11.2019 at 10:20-10:45

Marketing with Attitude presents : The 10 influencer commandments

How to build an influencer strategy that earns attention. This workshop looks at the 10 rules to follow and how to use influencers as a key part of your marketing strategy. The session explores how to do this properly to drive the right results for your brand or business and how marketing with influencers works better than influencer marketing.

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