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Dr Max McKeown

English writer, consultant and strategic psychologist, United Kingdom

Dr Max McKeown

About Dr Max

You will never forget the Dr Max Experience! He is an English writer, consultant and strategic psychologist specialising in innovation strategy, leadership and culture who works with the world’s most admired companies. This includes his award winning books Adaptability, The Strategy Book and The Innovation Book. His edgy, entertaining style energises and enlightening audiences worldwide with a unique visual storytelling approach, creating live cartoon murals as he speaks, to powerfully illustrate his concepts. He has written eight influential, award-winning books, created the Speed Strategy system and conducts research with Warwick Business School. He’s fellow of the RSA and member of the British Psychological Society.

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Dvorana Europa, 19.10.2023 at 12:30-13:15

Shaping The Future: Idea Babies, Sharks, Waves and Zombies, Oh My!

How to Adapt Strategically and Thrive in An Age of Opportunities, WTF Shocks, and Waves of Change Join Dr Max for a fast-paced, high-value, hyper-visual exploration about how you can shape a better future. At our best we are able to think our way to what we want from where we are. Explore how to build an idea hungry, strategic brain that benefits from the wisdom and insights of the people around you. This powerful, enjoyable and unique speed strategy session will be full of memorable examples from real people winning (and losing) with real world strategies. How to create powerful momentum? How can you create strategy that adapts in real time? How can you get to the future in time? How can you win strategically in a WTF world? Everything is Strategy We can all be a little more strategic, we can all learn to worry less, and keep moving forward. Strategists get stronger, smarter when faced with adversity. They use imagination to create brilliant strategies that provide clever paths to better places. As we develop our confidence in our ability to adapt new situations, we can transcend old problems. Dr Max will apply lessons about high adaptability and bring this focus to life with examples, humour, emotion so you will gain memorable personal, practical insights to help you in the real world.

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