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Mitja Tuškej

Strategist and Partner, Formitas Group, Slovenia

Mitja Tuškej

About Mitja

Mitja Tuškej has been an important member of the Formitas team for almost 30 years and Formitas' brand strategist for many years. In his strategic work, he is also involved in brand communication and media strategies. His specialities include professionalism, analytics and in-depth insights into brands, consumers, communication channels and media. He’s proven his excellence in two books. The first, “No Friends, No Brands”, was named Marketing Book of the Year in 2015, while the second, “Hocus Pocus: Focus”, published in 2019, is also considered an excellent work on branding. For his contribution to the profession, he received the Advertising Personality Award at SOF 2022. He believes in quality research and data management, which are the foundation for any strategy, including in the media. In his work, he has developed several original research methods and models.

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Dvorana Europa, 19.10.2023 at 09:15-09:50

The last five-year media period. A Roller Coaster or a Magic House?

The last five-year media advertising period has been an adrenaline rush. There were ups, downs, changes, innovations, actions and reactions... but despite all that, the period was marked by a calm beginning and a calm end. What has changed during this adrenaline-filled period and what are the key trends in Slovenian media developments that we need to pay attention to when preparing media strategies for our brands?

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