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Nika Medved

Managing director and CEO, IDEAZ, Slovenia

Nika Medved

About Nika

Nika has over 14 years of expertise in the field of digital marketing, and she presently hold the position of CEO of a digital agency that she has been in charge of since 2011. She is a leader of a group of highly skilled individuals who build websites from scratch using custom design and unique coding and digital marketing. They have a history of successfully completing worldwide projects in the fields of marketing, communication, and digital production. Additionally, she tends to take part in conferences and competitions in her profession as a speaker and judge. Her company takes great pleasure in its international projects and dedication to keeping up with the newest developments and industry best practices in the digital sphere.

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Dvorana Emerald, 19.10.2023 at 11:55-12:25

Creating a credible and optimised website in the eyes of search engines

In today’s world, understanding digital channels is key to success. We will take a look at the key factors that search engines like Google take into account when evaluating and ranking websites. We will explore the importance of providing correct and truthful information at the top of search results in terms of SEO and learn about different strategies to achieve visibility in search results, from the technical optimisation of the website, quality content, link-building and the actual creation and exposure of a credible and trustworthy brand. A lecture not to be missed if you want your website to attract more visitors and rank highly in the search engines.

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