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Niko Kušar

Head of Advertising, Telekom Slovenije, Slovenia

Niko Kušar

About Niko

Niko Kušar is Head of Advertising at Telekom Slovenije, where he specializes in developing media buying strategies and overseeing above-the-line communications. His career journey has taken him from product management to leadership roles in marketing, marketing communications, brand identity, corporate marketing resources, CRM management, and marketing automation. Under Niko's guidance, Telekom Slovenije has achieved remarkable success, garnering numerous prestigious awards. These include the title of the most effective advertiser Effie 2012, as well as two gold and two silver Effie Slovenia awards. Additionally, the company has been recognized with two Advertiser of the Year titles and has received grand prix awards at events like Slovenian Advertising Festival, Sempl, Gold Quill, Digital Communications Awards, Sporto, Diggit, Outstanding, and many others. Niko's expertise extends beyond as he has actively contributed to the industry by serving on juries for Effie Slovenia, Euro Effie, WEBsi 2014, Slovenian Advertising Festival, and Sporto Awards. He is also a proud member of Slovenian Advertising Chamber and Slovenian Marketing Association, showcasing his commitment to the marketing and advertising community.

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