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Primož Oberč

Founder and Director, WeAreTikTok, Slovenia

Primož Oberč

About Primož

Primož Oberč is 20 years old and has been working with the TikTok platform for more than 3 years. Even as a student at the age of 18, he successfully sold various products in Slovenia and abroad earning more than EUR 70,000 in a couple of months through an organic TikTok profile. He saw great potential in TikTok as a new network that most people don’t yet understand. At the age of 19, he opened one of the first TikTok agencies in Slovenia. To date, they have brought more than 60 companies to TikTok, profitably spent over EUR 100,000 of their advertising budget on TikTok and recorded over 10,000 TikToks. They work with the largest Slovenian clients both from the corporate world (Telekom Slovenija, Terme Čatež, Lesnina) and from the world of online sales (HS-Plus, Vitapur and others). They are currently focusing on creating premium ad content and ad creatives for TikTok and Facebook advertising, as well as creating premium TikTok content for businesses that want to reach the younger generation! Their team consists of 7 members and they are the fastest growing TikTok agency in Slovenia. Next year, they also want to expand to the European market and break through EUR 3,000,000 in turnover.

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