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Rok Pirnat

Director at B2 BI, Slovenia

Rok Pirnat

About Rok

Through many years of teaching practice and hundreds of successfully completed analytical projects, Rok has gained tones of experience that enable him to advise companies on how to put the data into practice in order to make work processes more efficient. Today, he is leading a team of 14 analysts and BI trainers and is dedicated to developing analytical models in marketing, sales and production.

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Dvorana Emerald, 28.11.2019 at 11:40-12:10

Power BI: Set up your own marketing dashboard

Despite the big amounts of data, measuring marketing activities and its impact has never been easier! Sounds impossible? Imagine your own universal analytical tool that combines data from different sources, unifies it and displays the whole picture. All in the form of your preferred KPIs. Rok will showcase how you can use BI (Business Intelligence) tools to measure the success of your marketing campaigns, keep budgets under controll and monitor your activities.

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