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Sebastian Szmigielski

TikTok Export Ecomm Lead Balkans & Poland, Poland

Sebastian Szmigielski

About Sebastian

Sebastian Szmigielski is an experienced professional in the field of Ecommerce, currently serving as the Export Ecomm Lead for the Balkans and Poland at TikTok. In this role, he is responsible for establishing and nurturing strong relationships with key clients in the Central European region. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Sebastian brings a unique perspective to the table, having previously worked at Facebook for 11 years, where he specialized in working with Ecommerce clients.

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Dvorana Europa, 20.10.2023 at 09:40-10:00

How GenZ will shape Ecommerce

GenZ right now represents 25% of the population and within the next 5 years it will be 27% of the workforce. How it will impact Ecommerce and what businesses should do now. GenZ is not just the future; they're here and now. They're the generation that's rewriting the rules of Ecommerce, and we're going to unpack exactly how they're doing it.

Dvorana Emerald, 20.10.2023 at 10:15-11:00

Performance Marketing and Creativity on TikTok – how to make effective ads on TikTok

Unlock the secrets behind crafting TikTok ads that deliver tangible results at our workshop, "Performance Marketing and Creativity on TikTok." This immersive event is your ticket to mastering the art of creating TikTok advertisements that not only capture attention but also drive substantial growth for your brand. During this workshop, our experts will pull back the curtain on the strategies that separate high-impact TikTok ads from the rest. You'll gain invaluable insights into the fusion of performance marketing and creativity, where compelling storytelling meets data-driven optimization. Learn how to tap into TikTok's immense audience and engage viewers on a whole new level. Discover the science behind crafting ads that resonate with your target demographic, sparking genuine interest and interaction. Dive into the effective ad design and content creation, ensuring that your messages leave a lasting impression.

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