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Simon Dunlop

Co-Founder, Instreamatic London, UK

Simon Dunlop

About Simon

Simon is a serial enterpreneur with a ton of experience building businesses in online Media and CPG sectors. Most recently co-founder and builder of where they are crafting voice enabled advertising experiences for brands in a voice interface world. Previously he was also a founder of,, Bridgetown Foods, and Some sold great, some ok and all alive.

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Dvorana Europa, 28.11.2019 at 12:50-13:10

Is Voice the new click?

As we all become comfortable talking with our devices what does this mean for brands and marketeers and the new ways they can connect with their customers in a voice enabled world.

Dvorana Emerald, 29.11.2019 at 11:45-12:15

AI Impact: 7 tips for enjoyable drive time

According the projections at the end of 2020 - nine of ten new cars will be connected to the Internet. This implicates disruptive change of our driving habits and expectations of our car. With the mass use of autonomous vehicles there is open space for different UX driven by artificial intelligence. How the car stopped being a Faraday cage for commercials, what are we doing in the car while we drive, stand in a traffic line or wait at the red light, can we turn the drive time into a creative part of the day and why the sound creates indelible images? Find out the answers at this session with three blondes and the Brit.

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