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Vesna Sodnik

Communication Skills and Public Speaking Trainer, Business Coach and Director at Beseda, Slovenia

Vesna Sodnik

About Vesna

Vesna Sodnik is a business coach with a unique combination of skills – she has over 20 years of experience in media and business, teaching adults, entrepreneurial consulting as well as organizing and managing events. As a certified leadership coach, accredited by Middlesex Middlesex University London, Jungian Coach and trained radio speaker Vesna has a wide range of tools in classical rhetoric, NLP, various psychotherapeutic modalities and many other methods for personal and professional development. She provides training in the fields of communication, body language, sales communication, charisma and emotional intelligence, as well as assertiveness coaching, leadership skills, crisis communication, presentation skills and media communication. Vesna works with successful companies and individuals who want to grow and thrive and are aware that all this is impossible without good communication skills.

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Dvorana Emerald, 28.11.2019 at 10:30-11:10

Pitch to win*

What to do when your winning creative idea or a strategy worthy of the Lion encounters a cold-blooded "no"? Excellent presentation skills are not a rare talent, but the skill that everyone can learn from knowledge of the psychology of communication, different ways of content creation, speech techniques and convincing non-verbal communication. An interactive workshop is designed for beginners as well as for seniors in pitching, as it will be full of practical tips and simple but extremely effective tricks of performance, communication and persuasion that turn each presentation into complete success. No more shrinking violets! Join the workshop, take Vesna's advice and turn into self-confident, interesting and persuasive speakers.

*The workshop will be in Slovene language without translation.

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